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"Tempus Omnia Revelat"

A small, professional group of re-enactors with over twenty years' experience, based nominally in the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, although working pretty much anywhere. We are all independent re-enactors, professional historians or historical interpreters who come together to put on shows.Our way of working is not to portray the vast sweeping vistas of bigger groups, many of whom do it very well,but much more the one-to-one experience of personal involvement and understanding. Other groups or individuals we may work with on joint ventures are likelwise professional or working to a professional standard.  

We specialize in researching and bringing to life particular individuals or roles, be they famous, or not so famous, in a particular place, perhaps a character in a castle,or big house, and will then research their story and the related tales of the place before presenting them through role-play and talks.

We mainly portray the Mediaeval years in England and Wales and also the fascinating period of the English Civil War, although if asked, we can portray most periods, although not generally later than the 17th century. Although if you need something else researched and presented, please get in touch. 

We are committed to accurate depictions of the periods portrayed in terms of equipment, clothing etc., and of the weapons of the period as well as day to day activities and kit. In the mediaeval period we can present demonstrations of archery and fletching, show and demonstrate different kinds of bow, crossbow, early firearms edged weapons, and pole arms as well. Where time and space permit we set up a 'have a go' facility and coach you through a few shots with a bow and wooden arrows with feathers!

In the English Civil War period we will normally demonstrate the use of gunpowder in early weapons from pistol to cannon and also the edged weapons of the time-this gets noisy and smoky but is huge fun!

We have worked for T.V and film, CADW, museums, National Trust and various other organisations, and appear at local fetes, in schools and charity events, check out our Events List for where we are and what period we are recreating, perhaps we can do an event for you?

Through our sister site -www.bespokehistories.co.uk - we arrange teaching, talks and lectures for academic purposes or for entertainment and amusement as well as the more serious side of historical enquiry and reporting.We love people to get involved with us and ask questions and look at kit and equipment but all of the weapons are real so we have to reserve the right not to let visitors handle some of them.

We are completely committed to equal opportunities (but avoid anomalies in terms of historical accuracy) and most roles are non gender specific (you can be what you want to be!). Family friendly and more given to quiet but sociable nights around the campfire than rebel-rousing and debauchery we welcome people with a serious passion for history either experienced, or wanting to start portraying the past.

See you in the past!

  Updated 23rd February 2020

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