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2010 Archive
News and Events for 2010
2009 Archive

2009 Archive

Highnam-first 2009 event.

Show 'n Tell,  the Bear in the background was very tame apparently and didn't move all day, though it did give us a fright when we first saw it....

A merry throng await the attentions of the Archer.

Margam Park

A view across the park on the first evening-only a fraction of the camp.

Ruardean Carnival

Our modest display at Ruardean, with Roger Morgan

Mortimer's Cross

Archers about to loose

Battle commences

Our part of the camp

The Year 2009 in Photo's

A year of memories, hazy days and summer days, times and places to reflect on, friends old and new reviewed here briefly,for anyone who is interested. You may recognise members of the 'Companions' but in some of the busier pictures of course, there are also members of other groups too numerous to mention.
Thanks to them, and here's to the next year....

Berkeley Castle.

Berkely Castle

Caldicot Castle
Caldicot Castle
Caldicot Battle

Fresh from Victory

Chirk Castle

Chirk again
Team for Chirk

Highnam Court

Mortimers Cross
Mortimers Cross
Mortimers Corss
Mortimers Cross
Ruardean Carnival
Chirk-Close of Play and the End of the Day
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