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2010 Archive

The Village Idiot!

Yours Truly amongst the Sons of the Dragon-a most welcoming and capable bunch of people

Howell and Jane-most excellent cooks at Chepstow

Serious Civil War type comments from Tim

Grub's nearly ready !!

Guests for the day - Roger and Rosemary, well known re-enactors

Some Pictures from Chepstow 2 - courtesy of The Mistress Kathy

Master Tim being a bit fierce!
Classes for the Quarter Staff
Lawless times-the Monk takes sword instruction from the Master.
Mathew of Marbury tells the Archers' story
Learning the skills for life
Master Tim takes a post-prandial nap!
Music to cheer the spirit, provided by The Mistress Fiona
A bit of practice before the competition.

Pictures from Laugharne as promised-illustrating our multi period display, more to follow.

A youngster under instruction from Master Matthew
Morning sunlight through the smoke of the campfire
A young visitor learns the ways of the  Legion with Rick...
Two of the musicians entertain the visitors-Fiona and Lynne
Left to right or... I dunno...just play (sorry girls)
Now then-hold the wooden end and don't stand in front of the hole at the other end, that's it!
Gratuitous Arty shot..
Mike learns sword skills  from Rick
Emmy shows a guest how to play skittles
Brother Aelfric looking for food or the opportunity to make money.
Early Brits Sue and Chris keeping the cooking fire company and getting smoked for their trouble

Minstrels ofthe Forest-hopefully with their permission!

Jane sorts out the food for us-BIG thanks!

Chris the Lord of Misrule-he did some very clever things with his Balls on a Wand, and juggling etc!
Couldn't think of a legend for this one-well done Emmy, you finally robbed me of speech!!!

Lots of attention to fine detail and work by Jane on decorations

Tim drops in for lunch and to keep order amongst the peasants

My Lord Jordrel with his family discuss events

Ah the seasonal food on the Groaning Board-most of the groaning was us on about the cold...

Most welcome item of the day-hot grub, thanks Howell.
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