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List of Shows and Events in 2019.

The Companions have four events at Oxwich Casttle on the Gower in 2019, following our formula of a small and focussed presentation with an informative and  interesting talk, together with a chance to get hands on with items of the period and to ask questions in a conversational way.


April 22nd-Shipwrecks, and a chance to hear about the related tragic death in Elizabethan times of Ann Mansell at Oxwich: meet 'her' and SIr Ryhs Mansell, the Lord of the Manor.

May 27th, Meet the mediaeval Archer of Wales, this is not 'have a go' archery, but a chance to get 'hands-on' and to learn of the trade and the life of the archer 

July 27th, Meet an English Civil War Musketeer,during the war in Wales as well as abroad,see the Archer's kit and paraphernalia and learn of his life.

August 14th, A revisit by the Archer of mediaeval times, and also see (and hear!) what a very early firearm looked and sounded like.Can the bow beat the firearm in shots per minute, or range and effectiveness? perhaps we shall find out.

One of our more enduring characters-Brother Thomas, a Cistercian Monk, continues into a third year as a monthly regular at Tintern Abbey. His now frequently joined by Sister Mary, a Cistercian Nun transiting through on a pilgimage, and who supplies the femal perspective of mediaeval Abbey life to visitors.
     Details of dates are on the Tintern Abbey and Cadw Website. Brother Thomas sometimes appears elsewhere now as well, and can frequently be seen conducting tours around the Abbey, I understand he is always happy to talk about the Abbey to anyone who is interested, (and some who are not!).

Finally, hello, welcome and thankyou for dropping -in, especially as this site has been abandoned for a few months now. By way of explanation: a lot has happened over the Winter, firstly, yours truly is up to his neck in study and time just evaporates, secondly, we are a professional group now,who also keep in touch with the amateur and fun side of things with old friends and a willingness to help-out with charity events and such. Thirdly (and this I plead guilty to-) when I came to update the site a month or so ago, I found I had forgotten the log-in passwords! So, many happy  hours of trying every combination I could think of and it finally paid-off!
     Say hello if you see us- and thanks for those who have followed us over time and introduced themselves at times and places far away - we know we are only as good as our last gig, and you guys really matter. I am thinking here of the couple recently who had seen us do a presentation on the English Civil War in Wales,on the Gower and, months later introduced themselves to us now portaying twelfth century monks and Nuns in Tintern...  Good fun to be had!
Anyway, do say hello, and, See you in the Past...

Well, it is still arly in the season but we have already got bookings for next year-we'll keep you posted. We could make use of a bit of help here and there for one or two affable and skilled people, so let us know if you fancy being involved...

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